Why A Commercial Ice Machine Is A Must-Have For Hospitality

Published by Diony Support on April 25, 2023

If you run a pub, club, bar, hotel, restaurant, café or popular kiosk – or any other type of hostelry – there is every chance that you regularly serve cold drinks as part of your day-to-day (or night-to-night) operations. It’s highly likely that, whatever variety you serve, many of them will require ice. Therefore, a commercial ice machine is an absolute necessity. This crucial part of your business equipment can ensure you address this need for ice in the quantities you want and at the frequency you need. In this edition of our blog we’ll briefly look into why ice is important in hospitality and why a commercial ice machine is a must-have for businesses operating in that particular sector.

Why ice is important in hospitality

Everyone likes a good night out, whether visiting a club or bar, or going for a meal in a restaurant, and if that night out includes a delicious cocktail then even better! Ice is a necessary ingredient in mixed drinks and cocktails, though it is not just alcoholic drinks. Ice is an essential component of smoothies and iced versions of coffee and tea – and all three of these have become incredibly popular in the last few years, particularly during the summer months. Summer is one of the busy seasons for most establishments (we all like to stay cool and hydrated when the weather is hot).

So having a commercial ice cube machine or ice maker on your premises is a great move, and here are some of the reasons why…

The positives of ice in your business environment

Always available: A commercial ice machine will ensure that you always have ice available. This will mean your whole ‘process’ will be much smoother and more efficient, as there will be no times when you have run out. The ‘nightmare scenario’ in an establishment such as yours is when a customer requests a drink with ice, or a drink that requires ice in its mix (ie. a cocktail or an iced coffee), and you have run out.

Convenience and Quality: Having that ready supply of ice is, as we have mentioned, a great way to ensure an uninterrupted flow of drinks which require it, at your establishment. Ice makers for restaurants and bars are also easy to operate and easy to clean, even if they are undercounter ice machines. The quality of ice it kicks out will also be higher than if you buy (say) bags of ice from a supermarket.

Freshness: Ice makes people feel refreshed, so having constant access to it by installing a commercial ice machine is perfect for keeping your customers happy. The ice produced by ice makers for bars is perfect for quenching thirst!

Choosing the right ice machine for your business

If you own a bar or other type of establishment which serves drinks, then you are likely to already be kitted out with the right equipment – machines and tools that you need to ensure that your day-to-day functions well. Adding a commercial ice machine into that set-up is a great move as it will streamline the whole process of anything involving ice. The great news is that we can discuss your business with you, and make sure you get absolutely the right machine for your needs. Simply get in touch to get the ball rolling on your enquiry!

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