Which Type of Ice is Right For You: A Guide

Published by Viktoria Brown on March 24, 2023

there will be a commercial ice machine that is appropriate. There are different types of ice, so it follows that there are different machines producing these types of ice. Here at Ice4 we have machines which can produce two different types of ice: ice cubes and granular (nugget) ice. Both of these types of ice has a unique benefit and better suits different industries or sectors. In this brief edition of our blog we’ll look further at this.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be different shapes but they are all usable for serving in bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cocktail lounges and any other venues where drinks are served. Ice cubes are hard and they have a slow melt rate, which means they are perfect for keeping spirits cool, when people don’t tend to like them being watered down too much or too quickly.

At Ice4 we have a range of commercial ice cube machines which are capable of producing ice cubes for your business, ranging from the i30 which can produce 30kg of crystal-clear ice cubes to keep up with your demand throughout the events of the day or the evening to a 150kg machine which can make 150kg and store up to 75kg of clear, high quality ice at any one time. When you’re business is service, ice makers for bars will serve your business!

Granular / Nugget Ice

This is a smaller and softer ice option, which means it’s great for absorbing the flavour of the drink it is in. It’s also chewable, which means it’s a great option for drinkers. This type of ice is made up of compressed flakes, and is most often used in the hospitality, retail, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors. It’s recommended for dispensing, blending, displaying and, of course, for use in cocktails.

For nugget ice / granular ice, Ice4 offers an array of machines which will produce the perfect crushed, nugget, cubelet or flake ice. These machines are perfect for use by restaurants and in other hospitality scenarios, and by the pharmaceutical industry or medical / scientific laboratories. For example the i85 90kg nugget ice machine features 20kg of internal storage built in. The 160kg machine we offer can store 64kg – which should be more than enough ice to keep all substances cold throughout the working day. This machine produces up to 160kg of cold nugget ice per day for your outlet or particular professional scenario – and that is more than four times the output of standard 8kg block ice machines.

Whichever ice machine turns out to the most suitable to meet your particular business needs, here at Ice4 we pride ourselves in supplying you with a piece of equipment that is reliable and high-performing. Once you’ve browsed our site and found the one that you think might be for you, whether it is an undercounter ice machine or an ice machine for fish or an ice machine just for fancy cocktails – or any other kind – simply get in touch and we can discuss it further to make sure. Our team is always happy to help, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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