What Is a Granular / Nugget Ice Machine?

Published by Ice Four on November 25, 2022

Looking for your next commercial ice machine but unsure about which type of ice would be appropriate for your business? Here at Ice4, we supply top quality ice machines for either ice cubes or granular / nugget ice – we’ll use both terms interchangeably here. Whilst the majority of people are familiar with regular ice cubes, there’s much less understanding around granular / nugget ice. In this blog, we’re here to give you a better understanding of nugget ice and what it can be used for.


What is Granular / Nugget Ice?

Granular / nugget ice is pearl-shaped soft ice made up of layers of flaked ice that has been frozen together. Unlike flake ice, which is used for industrial purposes, nugget ice is great for so many different commercial industries due to a number of important features:

  • Slower melt rate allows it to be used for longer once it has been dispensed.
  • Rapid cooling qualities make it perfect for industries which require products to be cool immediately.
  • High production rate gives you a continuous supply of ice with a high turnover.


Uses for Granular / Nugget Ice


1.     Medical industry

Granular / nugget ice makers can be used across many different sectors of the medical industry. In hospitals, it may be used to lower the body temperature of patients following surgery or during organ transportation. Pharmaceutical industries can also use nugget ice machines for laboratories to cool biological samples quickly, as well as to preserve drugs and cool chemicals following important reactions during the manufacturing process.


2.     Hospitality

Nugget ice machines are a great option if you operate in hospitality. Whether you’re a pub, bar, restaurant or hotel, the qualities of nugget ice make it great for use in beverages. With a moisture content of around 10%, the compact texture and slow melting rate of nugget ice helps to keep drinks colder for longer, without melting too quickly and detracting from the flavour of the drink. Nugget ice also has other uses such as keeping buffet displays including vegetables and salads cool for long periods. On as lighter note, its ‘chewable’ qualities can make for a fun addition to drinks for consumers.


3.     Food preservation

The rapid cooling qualities of granular ice machines also make it great for food preservation. It may be used on display counters such as by fishmongers or in supermarkets, helping to keep produce fresh for longer. In large scale catering companies, nugget ice machines can be a life-saving addition to a business, ensuring that food remains cold and sanitary at events – guaranteeing top quality produce and happy guests.


4.     Wellbeing industries

The wellbeing industry is no stranger to the strengths of nugget ice. Whether you’re a sports therapy clinic, gym or spa, nugget ice can be used for treating injuries as part of the rehabilitation process because it can be easily moulded into desired shapes – maximising the surface area around an injury. Of course, drinks are also a significant part of business in a wellbeing facility – its larger surface area and higher ice to drink ratio allows customers to enjoy more calorific drinks, guilt-free.


If you’re a business operating on one of the sectors we’ve discussed here, commercial ice machines could be a valuable addition to your business. Here at Ice4, we have an extensive range of granular / nugget ice machines available to buy or rent at competitive prices not to be missed. Enquire today for more information.

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