Warranty Policy

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Warranty Policy

We provide a warranty for 24 months from date of purchase.

We ask that you follow the warranty process as detailed below:

Hotline to register the fault and receive diagnosis.


Conditions of Warranty

  1. If your Ice Machine has gone faulty within 30 days of purchase, you can have a complete refund or replacement.
  2. After 30 days of purchase the warranty policy is enacted. Claims thereafter will be accepted after the trouble shooting guide and technical help from the service department have been undertaken.
  3. ICE4 will replace all faulty spare parts that are returned during the warranty period. In order to be eligible to claim parts under guarantee, please inform ICE4 by email (or in writing) of the machine serial and ID number when returning faulty spares parts.  Faulty parts must be returned within 15 days of registering the fault.
  4. Upon replacing a spare part, the new spare part’s warranty will not exceed that of the replaced spare part.
  5. Upon replacing a machine, the exchange ice machine’s warranty will not exceed that of the replaced ice machine.
  6. The warranty does not include transport expenses, labour and travel costs.
  7. Ice machines and/or components are not to be modified, altered or dismantled by unauthorised persons.
  8. Ice machines are maintained and cleaned in accordance with the ICE4’s requirements. (as advised in the user manual)



Exclusions of Warranty / Chargeable Costs

  1. The warranty will not be upheld under any of the following circumstances:
  2. Incorrect installation of the ice machine may cause damage to the ice machine, other materials, environment or individuals, ICE4 will not be responsible for such damages.
  3. ICE4 will not be held responsible for any possible damage to persons or property as a result of the use of this machine.
  4. Failure or damage caused by misuse, accidental or malicious damage.
  5. Responsibility will not be accepted for normal depreciation and damage due to abnormal conditions.
  6. If the ice machine has been connected to a power supply with insufficient cross-section or at a different voltage from rating plate. Failure or damage caused by the loss of or fluctuations in electrical power supply.
  7. Failure or damage caused by water supply or any other plumbing or drainage problem. (This includes any water treatment device connected to the product)
  8. If the ice machine has been placed and used in the sun, near sources of heat or in poorly ventilated areas.
  9. If the ice machine has been placed and used outdoors.
  10. If excessive dirt has been allowed to build up on the refrigeration circuit.
  11. Damage caused by fire, rough handling and accidents occurred from factory to end user.
  12. If the compressor is returned without starting elements.
  13. If the fan is returned incomplete.
  14. If the ice machine to be repaired or replaced is returned incomplete.
  15. Labour and material costs associated with cleaning and preventative maintenance including cleaning of condenser & air grills.
  16. Labour and material costs associated with cleaning the water circuit following a failure caused by mineral, lime scale or algae deposits.
  17. Labour and material costs associated with replacing water filter cartridges or other water treatment device.
  18. Labour and material costs associated with failure or operating problems caused by incorrect installation.
  19. No fault found with machine returns will be chargeable to the customer.
  20. ICE4 are not responsible for any consequential loss as a result of product failure.

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