Ice Forms

Ice For Every Occasion

Types of Ice

Different Ice, Different Purpose

At ICE4 we offer ice machines for two types of ice, ice cubes and granular/nugget ice. Each ice type offers a unique benefit, better suiting different industries and sectors. See our range of machines for both ice types, available at ICE4.

Ice Cubes

Bigger Ice Option

Ice cubes are perfect for bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cocktail lounges and other places where drinks are stylishly served. They’re hard and have a slow melt rate, making them the perfect addition to spirits delivered ‘on the rocks’ as they won’t water down too much.

Granular/Nugget Ice

The Smaller Ice Option

Perfect for absorbing a drink’s flavour, granular/nugget ice is composed of compressed flakes so is soft and chewable and offers a really attractive texture for drinkers. As a crushed ice, it is commonly used within hospitality, retail, food processing and pharmaceutical. Granular/nugget ice is highly recommended for dispensing, blending, using in cocktails and for displaying fresh food.

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