Things To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Ice Cube Machine

Published by Diony Support on February 20, 2023

You’re a business which needs the boost an ice machine brings. A bar, a restaurant, a club, even a museum, gallery or cinema. Anywhere, any sort of venue, in fact, where you require ice. Making sure you get the right commercial ice cube machine is imperative, as opting for something which turns out not to be able to meet your unique needs is going to spell difficulty or, at the least, inconvenience for your business.

There are things to think about when you’re looking into buying or renting a commercial ice machine, and the whole process can seem a bit daunting. In this edition of our blog we’ll run through them.

Quantity / Capacity

Making sure you choose a commercial ice machine with the capability of providing the right capacity your business requires is essential. Similarly, investing in an ice machine which is too large for your needs is going to be counter-productive as it will easily lead to increased costs (electricity, water).

Settling on which is the right machine, then, is very important. The machines available from us at Ice4 include different-sized models with different capacities . It’s possible to get ice machines which produce 30kg of ice per day, and it’s also possible to get ice machines which can produce 650kg of ice per day. The size of your business is going to have a direct bearing on which machine you need, and which machine is going to ‘do the job’ for you.

You can get in touch with one of our experts and discuss what your business requires – and therefore which commercial ice machine is going to be the most beneficial to you.


Ice maker machines need a constant uninterrupted supply of water so that they can function to optimum capability, and therefore it’s crucial to make sure you choose a unit which is compatible with the existing plumbing at your business premises. Possible problems caused by incompatibility (or ‘forced compatibility’, let’s say, if you have an incorrect machine but have tried to make it fit in with your system) include undersized ice cubes, leaking valves, pipework issues etc. Your ice machine should be correctly sited – near a floor drain – so that excess water can be collected and drained away.

Type of ice cube machines for sale

Making sure that you invest in the right type of commercial ice machine is also important. You need to get one that will keep the production of ice up to a level which can meet demand. If you fail to get the right machine there are ‘knock on’ consequences for your business – ie. you won’t have ice when you need it!

There are three main types of commercial ice machine, with each one of them being suitable for slightly different needs.

  1. Countertop ice machines: These are most suitable for smaller businesses, where floor space is probably at a premium and it’s necessary for the ice machine to sit on a countertop or bar (or other surface). These machines can produce up to approx. 180kg of ice (400 lbs) a day, plenty to keep cafes and bars stocked.

  1. Undercounter ice machines:An undercounter ice machine is designed to fit underneath your countertop or bar (40” standard). It features a combination of an ice machine head and a storage bin, and can produce around 160kg (350 lbs) of ice per day. A great choice for a bar, restaurant or hotel to use.

  1. Modular ice machines: Designed to sit on top of an ice bin, a modular ice machine can produce anywhere between 110kg (250 lbs) to 450kg (1,000 lbs) per day. Modular ice machines produce large amounts and are for use with a separate unit which can store and / or dispense the ice. A really good choice for large cafes or restaurants to use, as well as businesses which pack ice in bags.


There are three types of cooling for ice machines – air-cooling, water-cooling and remote cooling.

  1. Air-cooled: This is the most economical choice as it does not require water to cool, and therefore your water bill will not be impacted. There is a 6” clearance area required around the air intake / discharge.

  1. Water-cooled: If you are unable to fit an air-cooled ice machine due to space issues, then a water-cooled unit will work well for you. These machines are connected directly to your plumbing and are a good choice to use in warm or hot environments or in environments where there is dust in the air.

  1. Remote-cooled: With a condenser that is independent of the ice machine, and usually positioned outdoors (on an exterior wall or, perhaps, a roof). Remote-cooled units tend to be for when it’s not possible to install water-cooled or air-cooled.

Here at Ice4 we have a huge variety of different ice cube machines for sale, in different sizes and capacities. You will easily be able to find the right machine for your business, whether you need an undercounter ice machine for your pub or café, or something much larger. If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Ice4, and we will be more than happy to help steer you in the direction of the right machine – the machine of your dreams!

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