Restaurant Ice machines

Restaurant Ice machines

Keeping cool is fundamental to being successful in the restaurant industry. A high-performance ice machine for your restaurant will help do just that. Any popular restaurant should always have ice available for its customers. ICE4 have a wide range of ice machines for the restaurant trade. Our gourmet ice machines are perfect for the catering industry.

Not sure what sort of ice machine you need? Then speak to our friendly staff who have all the know-how to make sure you get the perfect ice machine for your needs.

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Commercial Ice Machines for Restaurants

Ice may seem like such a simple thing, but it can improve the taste of a cocktail and enhance a customer’s experience. So, it’s important to your restaurant to make sure that you never run out of ice.

Ice isn’t just for cooling down drinks. You may also need ice for use in preparing food. We are sure that we have just the right catering ice machine in stock and ready to ship to you. Whether you are looking for nugget ice or cubed ice, we have a great choice of machines available.

ICE4 has stacks of experience in providing ice machines to the restaurant trade up and down the country. Our customers trust the reliable and swift delivery of our machines to help them keep cool when it really matters.

Find the perfect ice machine for your restaurant

Whether you are a small independent brasserie or larger scale eatery, ICE4 have a range of ice makers for restaurants of all sizes. We have built our reputation on having a wide choice of quality ice cube machines to fit all needs.

When considering a new ice machine there are a few things you’ll need to think about. ICE4 are experts in providing ice maker machines for restaurants. We’ll help find just the right ice machine for your dining establishment.

Do you need ice cubes or prefer ice nuggets? It may surprise you to know that there is a difference. Ice cubes are great for soft drinks and long drinks. Because they are larger, they melt more slowly, so they won’t water down your drink, but will keep it nicely cool until the very last sip. Nugget ice, however, will fill your glass which is great for those chilled summer cocktails. You’ll also find nugget ice useful in your kitchen for food preparation.

How much ice do you need? The size of your restaurant or how busy you are will have an impact on the size of ice machine you need. The ICE4 range of ice machines come in varying capacities from 30kg per day right up to a whopping 650kg per day.

And how much space do you have? Depending on your space and requirements and ice machine can fit neatly under your counter. However, if you have a bigger need for more ice, and have the space, a full-size machine or a modular machine may be what you need.

As well as being convenient, owning or leasing your own ice machine can save you time, space and money compared to buying pre-prepared ice.

We have efficient restaurant ice machines for sale that are just the thing for keeping your customers cool, and won’t get you hot under the collar. The experts at ICE 4 are also on hand to give you any advice to help you choose the perfect ice machine for your restaurant.