How to Keep Your Ice Maker Machine Clean

Published by Ice Four on November 8, 2022

Does your business currently use a commercial ice maker machine as part of its operations? If it does, you’ll probably already know that it’s essential to keep it as clean as possible so it can function at its best. It’s particularly important to clean your ice machine to remove scale and mineral deposits to ensure health and safety, and business efficiency. Whether you use your ice machine in hospitality, retail or the pharmaceutical industries, it’s equally important to maintain high standards. We’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to help you take the best care of your ice machine. Regardless of which ice machine(s) you have in use, most will follow the same easy steps.


1. Unplug the Ice Machine

First of all, it’s crucial to unplug any machines from live power sources before carrying out maintenance to prevent any accidents involving the mains electric connection.


2. Clean the Ice Storage Bin

After you’ve disconnected your machine from the mains, you’ll want to remove any ice remaining in the ice storage bin – either by pressing the power switch at the end of the harvest cycle or pressing the power switch to allow the ice to melt completely.


3. Press the Clean Function

Press the clean / wash button if your ice machine unit has one. Once you have set up the clean function, water will flow through the water dump valve and into the machine drainage system, before instructing you to add cleaning chemicals if necessary.


4. Remove Parts for Cleaning

Refer to the manual for your ice machine to identify which parts can be removed for cleaning and where they are located. Some ice machine units such as nugget ice machines, which are specialised for particular jobs, have additional parts which require cleaning. Once you’ve identified the parts which require cleaning, mix up a solution of lukewarm water and machine cleaner (the required ratios may be listed in your manual), and soak the machine parts. Take care to use a cloth, and soft brush to remove dirt where required before rinsing thoroughly.


The Condenser

One of the main internal components in all ice machines which require cleaning is the condenser. Like other components, it should be cleaned thoroughly at least once every six months. If not, you may encounter blockages, which has the potential to lead to ice maker machine breakdowns. Ensure that the ice machine is fully disconnected at the head section and examine the condenser for any dirt or debris between the fins – use a torch if you require more visibility.

Generally, the most effective way to clean your condenser is to use compressed air, which can be blown through the filter to remove dirt. Alternatively, you can rinse water through the condenser.


The Water Filter

Clogged water filters can reduce the performance and output of your commercial ice maker machine, specifically by becoming clogged, which may affect water quality and quantity as it freezes. The ice machine filter is quick and easy to clean by rinsing thoroughly with soap and water. You should also aim to change the filters every six months to keep on top of your filter system before bigger problems arise.


5. Clean the Exteriors

Following a deep clean of all the component parts, it’s important not to neglect external areas. Sanitising wipes are a great way to keep your ice machine free from the build-up of dirt and germs that may have accumulated following frequent use. You can also aim to wipe down exterior surfaces more frequently to maintain top hygiene standards. Avoid abrasive solutions and devices when you clean your ice machine as the exterior finish can become damaged.


Your ice machine unit is likely a crucial part of production in your business. After following these important steps, your ice machine is ready to keep serving you well by performing to maximum efficiency.


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