Ice Machines for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Ice Machines for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Café and coffee shop culture is hot right now. And ICE4 can provide top-quality ice machines for coffee shops to keep your customers cool and happy. Ok, we know that coffee is a hot drink. But how about a nice refreshing iced coffee in the summer? Or an iced tea or soft drink? A café ice machine will help to quench your customer’s thirst when a hot drink is not what they want.

If you need more advice to decide on which machine is right for you then get in touch. Our friendly staff will make sure you get the right ice machine that is perfect for your needs.

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Commercial Ice Machines for Café’s and Coffee Shops

With a wide selection of ice makers for the coffee shop trade, our premium ice machines are perfect for the catering industry.

There’s more to ice than keeping drinks cold. It may be that you need ice to be used in food preparation. Rest assured, ICE4 has the perfect café ice machine in stock and ready to be shipped to you. Are you looking for nugget ice or cubed ice? We have a great choice of machines available for cafés and coffee shops.

You need to make sure that you always have ice available for your customers. Our range of reliable and efficient ice cube makers for cafés will make sure that you have a constant supply of ice.

ICE4 are experts at supplying ice machines to coffee shops around the country. You can stay cool in the knowledge that we are trusted to deliver first-class ice machines quickly and efficiently.

An Ice Machine from ICE4 will keep you cool.

If you need a new ice maker for your café, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. At ICE4, we specialise in supplying ice machines for cafes and coffee shops. We’ll help you find just the right ice machine for your coffee bar.

Whether you are a cosy intimate coffee shop or a bustlingcafé, ICE4 have a variety of ice makers for diners of all sizes. We have built our reputation on having a wide choice of quality ice cube machines to fit all needs.

Not all ice is the same, you may be surprised to know there is a difference. Do you need ice cubes, or do you prefer ice nuggets? Ice cubes are great for soft drinks and long drinks. Ice cubes are larger and they melt more slowly, which is great for iced coffees or iced teas. Nugget ice is great for filling your glass which is great for those frozen mocktails or ideal for frappés. You’ll also find nugget ice useful in your kitchen for food preparation.

How much ice do you need? The size of your coffee shop or how busy your café is will affect the size of ice machine you need. The ICE4 range of ice machines come in varying capacities from 30kg per day right up to a whopping 650kg per day.

Also think about how much space you have in your café. If your café is a cosy space an ice machine that can fit under your counter might be perfect. However, if you need a lot of ice, and have the space for it, a full-size machine or a modular machine may be what you need.

As well as being convenient, owning or leasing your own ice machine can save you time, space and money compared to buying pre-prepared ice.

Our efficient ice machines are just the thing for keeping your customers refreshed and keeping your budget cool. The experts at ICE 4 are also on hand to give you any advice to help you choose the perfect ice machine for your café or coffee shop.