Ice Machines for Bars

The coolest bars never run out of ice. Making sure that you always have enough ice to serve chilled drinks and cocktails to your customers is crucial for a successful bar. For the best bar ice makers, look at the wide range of ice machines available from ICE4. Our commercial bar ice machines are ideal for keeping your watering hole well-stocked with ice.

Not sure what sort of ice machine you need? Then speak to our friendly staff, who have all the know-how to ensure you get the perfect ice machine for your needs.

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ICE4 keeps your bar cool.

Ice may seem simple, but as a successful bar owner, you know it is fundamental to producing excellent beverages that have customers coming back for more. It can improve the taste of a cocktail and make sure that soft drinks stay chilled. So, it’s important that your bar never runs out of ice.

Whether you are looking for an ice machine to supply you with nugget ice or ice cubes, at ICE4, we have a great range of ice machines. We are sure we have just the right catering ice machine in stock and ready to ship to you.

ICE4 are experts in providing ice machines to the bar industry up and down the country. Our customers trust the reliable and swift delivery of our machines to help them keep cool when it really matters.

Ice Machines for bars from ICE4.

ICE4 can supply high-quality ice machines for bars of all sizes. Whether you are a microbrewery or a massive bar with a larger turnover, we have commercial ice makers for bars of all sizes.

Do you need ice nuggets, or looking for ice nuggets? There is a difference, and it depends on what you need ice for. Ice cubes are great for soft drinks and tall drinks. Their larger size means they melt more slowly, so you keep the flavour of your drink without diluting it, keeping it refreshingly cool until the very last sip. On the other hand, nugget ice will fill your glass, making it perfect for those tasty summer cocktails. You’ll also find nugget ice useful in your kitchen for food preparation.

How much ice do you need? The size of your restaurant or how busy you are will impact the size of the ice machine you need. The ICE4 range of ice machines comes in varying capacities from 30kg per day to a whopping 650kg per day.

And how much space do you have? If you are short on space, ICE4 have a great range of under-counter ice makers. However, if you get through a lot of ice, we have full-size and modular machines that can produce larger quantities of ice.

As well as being convenient, owning or leasing your own ice machine can save you time, space and money compared to buying pre-packaged ice.

Our selection of effective commercial bar ice machines is perfect for keeping your customers cool and won’t set your budget on fire. The experts at ICE 4 are also on hand to give you any advice to help you choose the perfect ice machine for your bar.