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ICE4 are premier ice cube machine manufacturers delivering ice cube makers to pubs and bars around the country. Your pub or restaurant relies on a constant supply of ice. Our ice cube machines are renowned for fast and efficient ice cube production.

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Commercial Ice Machines from ICE4

Traditional ice cubes are common in most bars and restaurants. Their shape and size make them slower to melt than other types of ice. This makes cubed ice perfect for keeping drinks chilled for longer periods.

Keeping food and drinks cool is important for your business, and ICE4 are experts at keeping your customers refreshed.

At ICE4, we have a great range of commercial ice cube makers for the catering and hospitality industries. Our ice cube machines are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need a tabletop machine to fit in a smaller space or a larger machine, we can help.

Our reliable service means that our customers have ice available exactly when they need it. Speak to one of our friendly team to find out how we can keep your business cool.

Why will an ice machine keep your business cool?

Ice cubes are essential for any business in hospitality or catering. With an ice cube machine from ICE4, you’ll be able to keep drinks cool and food fresh. Our ice cube makers will produce perfect ice cubes every time.

There are many types of ice, from flaked, crushed, nugget and the traditional cube. The original ice cube has been the first choice for many businesses for lots of reasons. Because of their large surface area, ice cubes are slower to melt and do not dilute drinks so quickly.

The slower dilution rate means that they are perfect for spirits and soft drinks. Bartenders and mixologists often opt for ice cubes to craft drinks or keep them cool during cocktail mixing.

An ice cube machine for your business will help you keep an efficient supply of ice. We have ice machines to meet your required capacity. From small-scale to high-usage restaurants, you can be sure you’ll never run out of ice. Our ice cube makers are easy to use, easy to clean and are low maintenance.

ICE4 have a variety of top-of-the-range ice machines that deliver quality ice whenever you need it. If you need advice on the best ice machine for you, the team at ICE4 are more than happy to talk through your options.