Granular/Nugget Ice

Granular/Nugget Ice

ICE4 has a great range of nugget ice machines for sale for your restaurant, café or kitchen. Ice is essential for your catering or entertainment business for drinks and food preparation. Nugget ice is a smaller and softer alternative to regular ice. Also known as ‘chewable ice’ it has a lighter, almost fluffier, texture to the standard option.

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Commercial Nugget Ice Machines from Ice4

The consistency that you get in ice produced from a commercial nugget ice maker means that it is great for the catering industry. Because it’s smaller and softer than regular ice, nugget ice is perfect for using in a blender. This means it’s great for making smoothies or even ice cream.

Nugget ice also has a porous nature to it that means that it absorbs the flavour of drinks without diluting them. This makes a nugget ice machine perfect for pubs and bars. So, have a look at our commercial nugget ice makers to find the perfect model for your business.

ICE4 have the expertise to help your business find the right ice machine for you. We’ve been helping businesses up and down the country by supplying top-quality nugget ice machines.

Our reliable service means that our customers have ice available exactly when they need it. Speak to one of our friendly team to find out how we can keep your business cool.

What is nugget ice?

Nugget ice gets its unique texture from the way it is produced. Our nugget ice makers compress flakes of ice producing a higher density but softer texture. The finished product also has a higher water to ice content compared to traditional ice. However, because nugget ice also has a slower melt rate, it will not water down your drink.

The versatility of nugget ice means it has become extremely popular in bars and restaurants. It is perfect for making frozen drinks and frozen desserts. Because of its softer texture it makes it easier to use in blenders and food processors and achieves the required finish in less time.

Nugget ice has also found a helpful application in the healthcare sector. Individuals with dental issues or those recovering from oral surgeries benefit from its soft texture as it easier to chew. Nugget ice is also commonly used in healthcare facilities to keep patients hydrated.

ICE4 have a wide range of ice machines available that are perfect for many settings and industries. If you need advice on the best ice machine for you, the team at ICE4 are more than happy to talk through your options.