What to Expect Once Your Ice Machine Arrives?

Delivery Until Installation

Here at ICE4 Ltd, we want your installation to run smoothly, so we have provided a guideline to help you with this.  This includes planning, preparation, delivery to installation. By following these guidelines your ice machine is sure to be up and running in no time!

Ice Machine Services

You will need an adequate, well-ventilated location for the ice machine, with a cold water feed, ¾” BSP fitting, a drain and a 240v electric feed. It is important that the location is accessible for future cleaning and changing of water filters. A good air flow is required for ventilation and to keep the ice machine running at its optimum. Check the dimensions of your selected ice machine and don’t forget to include the adjustable leg height!


Your ice machine will be delivered to the door of your delivery address. It will arrive packaged and on a mini pallet.  Please check the weight of your selected ice machine, you may need a pallet truck or assistance lifting. Check if you have any steps and doorways for size. Please remember to check for any damages during transportation, any damages need to be registered with the courier. Once you have unpackaged the ice machine and are ready to install, check our trouble-free guide for installation.

Ice Machine Installation

Following the guidance from above, you are now ready for installation! Check your ice machine for the installation kit, it will contain everything you need to get up and running. Follow the trouble-free installation guide for a simple and efficient set up. Please note the ice machine has a 10-minute start up delay, to initialise.

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