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The idea for ICE4 was born in 2021 when founder, James, noticed that there was a problem with the availability of ice machines for commercial use. Whilst you could place an order with many suppliers online, no-one could supply the demand immediately, in-fact, it was often weeks if not months before the ice machine would arrive. Well, when you have a shop, bar, restaurant, or hotel, open and full of guests wanting drinks, you need the ice now.


Ice4 Has The Answer For You!

Crushed, granular or cubed ice? We have a range of ice machines that will suit, and the best bit, they are in stock and readily available, so no more iceless cocktails, or sourcing bags of ice for the rush hour…

Products That We Know

Which You Can Rely On

We have partnered with a trusted and sustainable manufacturer. They are reliable and been manufacturing ice machines for over 40 years. This means, they have perfected the machines for reliability and consistent production of ice on demand.

Why trust Ice4?

Why Choose Us?

In a modern age where nearly everything is available on-line with next day delivery, we have experienced the frustration of not being able to have the same service for purchasing a commercial Ice Machine. We are offering immediate supply* of competitively priced ice machines.

In addition, we are so confident in our partnered manufacturer and their machines that we will give a no quibble guarantee! Should you experience a breakdown within the first 24 months of ownership, if you can’t fix it with the easy step by step trouble shooting guide, we have a technical helpline to call to arrange a free replacement*.


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